IVF – Stimulation, Pre-Transfer, Transfer and Post-Transfer

This pack is made up of 5 visualisations that take you through the stages of IVF. They will help you cope with the challenges and hurdles you encounter, and ensure you are able to cope better.

These visualisations are for women currently preparing for and going through IVF.

  • 4 visualisations walking you through an IVF cycle.

  • Stimulation: visualising what is happening during this time and any challenges you have.

  • Pre-transfer: guided visualisation that focuses on preparing to receive the embryo. This can be started after trigger injection, and then leading up to, and on the day of, the transfer.

  • Transfer: music that resonates with the heart and uterus to use during the procedure for relaxation. This encourages you to lie still and helps the uterus to relax.

  • Post-transfer: guided visualisation for after embryo transfer. This can also be listened to in the days following.

  • Two-week wait: contains no guidance, just music - this is a time to just be.

Get the support you need in your IVF journey